The New I Club at Island south are ready for rent! -> Please Click this link for details is the largest indoor carpark in Hong Kong. It is located in the traditional mansion area of Ho Man Tin, Kowloon. 

It has 24-hour security and smart card access. Each garage is equipped with an independent electric gate. It has a high degree of privacy and which is suitable for collecting sports cars and antique cars.

I club is a member of the I Automobile Group which is committed to providing the best quality carpark service in Hong Kong. It is different from the general parking space where there is limited space. Each of our garages is a separate room with remote control. Each garage has its own remote-control which is much more convenient and safe.

In addition to parking service, we can also provide value-added services according to customer requirements, such as 24-hour independent dehumidification, car detailing, sports car maintenance and electric vehicle charging services.

In order to take care of the owners who leave the country frequently, we can also warm up the customers for the driver's drive, and arrange the tow car to the designated locations according to the customer's requirements. Our group has a large maintenance center. We can also provide one-stop maintenance and annual inspection according to customer requirements, buy license fees, and provide insurance services, so that customers do not have to bother to deal with the lock-up of car maintenance.



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